Lisa Bayer
In 1999 Lisa's 15 year career at Dalhousie University ended due to an onset of illnesses.  These include:  Fibromyalgia, Grade IV Osteoarthritis (artifical knee and partial ankle) and Environmental Illness.  In Sept. 2010 Lisa decided to try the practice of yoga, as other forms of exercise exacerbated the pain.  The practice of YOGA was her answer!  She lost 50 pounds in 8 months, and although she still lives with pain daily, it is now manageable.  Even on the worst pain days, a gentle yoga class is the answer.  Lisa quickly knew she needed to share what she had discovered and became a proud 2012 graduate of the BSYS Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training Program.  Passionate about the mental and physical benefits one receives from yoga she has continued her education with certification in Chair Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga.  In March 2015 Lisa obtained her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification with specialization in Yin, the Energy of Yoga, Ayurveda, Anatomy and Therapeutic Restorative Yoga. 
Lisa is honored to be a part of the BSYS 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Faculty as well.  
Lisa knows Yoga can change lives. She is excited to help you discover it can make you both emotionally and physically healthier, stronger, and more balanced. Yoga can light the way to be more compassionate, more serving, more concerned, more human.  Yoga is not exercise, yoga is a way of life!

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