Public Speaking

Jenny's Motivational, Public Speaking

Is your life clouded by pain from your past?

Are you ready to stretch your limits and explore freedom?

Are you searching for better balance in your life?

Jenny is a business leader, an author and a masterful educator. Her teachings are filled with authenticity, humor and profound life experience on maintaining balance in a busy world while stretching limits. Through her life threatening struggle with Anorexia, Jenny has gained significant tools for transforming destructive patterns into an engaging approach to life that welcomes infinite opportunities. Through her extensive study of the ancient practice of yoga, she shares how to release the past, restore balance and awaken your soul’s potential.

The following are a number of venues at which Jenny has been a public, motivational speaker:

  • Women in Business

  • Schools Boards and Teachers

  • Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic

  • Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Development


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