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October 2015

Happy Halloween
By Jenny Kierstead,
Founder Breathing Space Yoga Studios

A few years back, my husband’s new cappuccino machine arrived in the mail. It felt kind of like Christmas as he unwrapped the components and placed them on the counter. 

After, what he thought was a completed job, he stood back to admire his new purchase and said “Wow, now that’s an impressive machine! I am a little disappointed in the Italians though. Why the awful looking base?” 

Then I watched as he picked it up, examined it for a minute and began to peel off the gaudy white protective covering. What lay below was a beautiful, shiny, stainless steel base that made the machine glow in all its coffee making glory.  The funny part about this story is that we considered sending it back because of its weak design.

When I taught Elementary school in Vancouver, we did a segment on self-esteem. One morning a little tike came up to me and said “God don’t make junk you know, he don’t make junk”. And yet there are so many of us walking around wishing we could trade in our bodies for a better design.

One of the goals in yoga is to discover what lies beneath our protective covering. Our work is to love whatever and whoever it is we’re hiding, until we eventually no longer need to hide. Last week a client described the way she feels after yoga as feeling stronger from the inside out. When we come to accept ourselves fully and understand that God don’t make junk, we allow our authentic, genuine self to shine forth. 

This week, as the kiddies prepare for the festivities of Halloween, consider the face you present to the world. What mask are you wearing? What is it you’re trying to hide? When did you begin wearing your mask (since we are all born without them)? Is your mask still successful in giving you what you want? These are all great questions to answer in a journal, either in writing or through drawing.

In conclusion, what would your life look like without your mask, your protective covering? How would you be living if you allowed yourself to shine from the inside out?  This Halloween, as the children put their masks on, I dare you take yours off for the evening and let your authentic self shine through. You may discover that living without your mask is so liberating that you dissemble it altogether. And living without our mask is much easier when we remember that God don’t make junk! 

Jenny K




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