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February 2016

Celebrating You!!!
By Jenny Kierstead,
Founder Breathing Space Yoga Studios

Happy February friends,

This month being the signature month of love, I thought I'd share an excerpt from my newly completed Girl on Fire Program, an empowerment program for women which will be launched across Canada. 

Within our core of our being is a light, which is a spark from the great flame of all creation.

Every living creature possesses the same spark of divine light, from fire flies to lizards. And humans are the only ones who question their self worth and inner beauty. Giraffes don’t sit around fretting about whether or not their necks are long enough. Lions don’t worry about whether or not their roar is on key. And you can bet that roses don’t think twice about the beauty of their blossom, they just bloom!

Did you know that you are an expression of this amazing original light that created the world? Did you know that you and everyone else in the world are incredible beings of light, regardless of the language you speak and the clothes you wear? When we know this, we can live with the awareness that we are all unique and radiant with a special purpose to fulfill.

But this awareness also includes the fact we are imperfect, a continual work in progress and while our lives will contain successes, they will also be speckled with mistakes. It’s essential that we allow ourselves to live fully in this way, with resilience, falling into the hole, climbing back out, and brushing off the dust.

It’s these bounce back moments that will ultimately define the course of our lives, not the mistakes, but our courage to get back on the proverbial horse and engage life again, with our scars, our bumps and our bruises. A Girl on Fire has such a firm belief in herself that even in the midst of mistakes and failures, she never questions her worth. She garners wisdom from her life experiences and continues to move toward the best version of herself. This is a true Girl on Fire, a warrior woman.

Warm hugs to you, 

Jenny K


Breathing Space Sydney

Breathing Space Sydney--Spread the words Capers!
Little elves have been hard at work preparing for the Grand Opening this weekend! We have an Open House today, Feb. 4th from 11am-7pm at Grand Lake Crossing, 20 Sydney Port Access Road. Come view the space, meet the team and take in a FREE class! Click here for opening specials and class schedule
or call (902) 562-YOGA (9642).

Breathing Space Tantallon

During this month of love I am always reminded of the yogic principle ahimsa.  Literally translated it means non-violence but I prefer the more positive translation of kindness.  The essence of ahimsa is kindness in our own heart.  The unkindness or even violence we inflict on each other can simply be an outward manifestation of the war within ourselves and it is only by tempering the war within and showing ourselves true kindness that we can impact the world without.  A lack of kindness in our thoughts can work on very subtle levels and can have many disguises.  Thoughts of guilt or shame and using words like “should” and “must” all demonstrate a that lack compassion for yourself.  When we don't act according to our truth but out of fear, we are being unkind to ourself.  As Ghandi said, “When I look for Ahimsa, Truth says, “Find it through me.  When I look for Truth, Ahimsa says, “Find it through me”.  Kindness is an extension of unconditional love and it is true compassion.  We achieve this by learning to love and be loved.  I have long believed that one could not truly love another until they loved themselves and I have found this to be true through my years of studying and practicing of yoga.  So how will you express your kindness to self this February?  Slide into a class, indulge in a massage or simply not beat yourself up for spending the afternoon with a good book instead of “being productive”.  Whatever you choose, know that practice of ahimsa is essential and pays you back a million times over.  Our subconscious knows when we are unkind to ourselves so take the time to show kindness to yourself and you’ll build a reserve that will allow you to be in ever greater service to all those you love.  Shanti!

Article by Fran Dunn, 
Owner Breathing Space Yoga Studio Tantallon


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February, 2016