Alison Bowie

Alison was first introduced to yoga in 2009 while completing a course at UNB called “Movement Awareness.” Through exposure to journaling, yoga and meditation, this course encouraged Alison to direct her focus inward toward her physical, emotional and spiritual experiences. Though this felt new and unnatural to her, it had sparked a curiosity of self-reflection.

Upon enrolling into the physiotherapy program at DAL, Alison chose to study the effects of an eight- week mindfulness practice on chronic low back pain. Although this was considered an alternative approach to modern rehabilitation, she was intrigued by how pain affected not only the body but also the mind.

Alison’s connection to yoga found new depths between 2012 and 2013. She had moved from her hometown of Miramichi to Alberta, lost her grandmother to cancer and ended a long-term relationship, all of which left her feeling homesick and incomplete. Soon after, Alison found herself attending more yoga classes than ever before. It was during these classes that something sparked inside of Alison that made her feel whole again.

Alison’s training in yoga began with a 30-hour therapeutic yoga course called “Yoga as Medicine”, offered by Dr. McCall. She was introduced to: Ayurveda; breathing patterns and their effects on the nervous system; individualizing yoga practices; and the current scientific research on yoga for treating western health conditions. More importantly, this course allowed Alison to begin looking at the human body as more than just a physical being; there is a natural healing power that is within.

While incorporating yoga therapy into her physiotherapy practice, Alison began to notice the growing number of clientele that were injured and wanted to return to their yoga practice, or that were inexperienced and too intimidated to start. This encouraged Alison to complete her 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Hatha Yoga during the Fall of 2015 from Yoga Haus in Rothesay, NB.  

Alison completed her training with the intentions of providing an approach to yoga that would be inclusive to all and respectful of current pain or previous injuries. She also incorporates hands-on assists and stretching to deepen one’s yoga practice. Alison believes that yoga is therapeutic for both for the mind and body, and she looks forward to bringing you an experience that is similar to her doshas: Kapha-Vata – both gentle and restorative while mobilizing and creative.

Fun fact: As another form of relaxation, Alison lets her creative juices flow- having completed a 10 week pottery class last year, and most recently she has started finger painting!  




Fredericton Team

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