Aimee Cringan

Aimee lives in Waasis, where she practices mindfulness and yoga everyday with her husband Brandon, and her daughter Pippa.   Her doggies Zoe and Dingo enjoy an occasional down dog as well.  Aimee began her physical yoga practise 5 years ago, but soon realized there was more to yoga than just touching her toes. The calmness and peace that it brought to her life was such a blessing and she knew that she wanted to learn more.

After a 2 week hospital stay due to her chronic autoimmune disease during the fall of 2015, she knew she had to make some drastic changes to her daily patterns and life style. After leaving the hospital she became committed to self care and love and learned that she could turn on her parasympathetic nervous system through different yoga practices, thus treating her condition naturally.

During the fall of 2016 Aimee attended her first class here at Breathing Space Yoga Studio, where she felt right at home.  The owner of the studio, Kelly, told her about the yoga teacher training program that Breathing Space offered and before she knew it, she was enrolled. The program was more than just yoga. It was a life altering experience that changed her for the best in more ways then she can describe.

Aimee is so pleased where life is taking her, and to be teaching at Breathing Space.  As her spiritual teacher always says, “Everyday, in everyway, I’m getting better and better”. Namaste. 




Fredericton Team

Kaitlyn Adair